The Curriculum
To facilitate the core objectives of NEEDS, EFA, AND MDGs the school has adapted the basic education curriculum (BEC). The Curriculum emphasizes functional numeracy, literacy, technological and productive life skills as well as ICT and entrepreneurial skills.
This is structured under 3 departments.

  • Senior secondary school science and mathematics
  • Senior secondary school Humanities
  • Senior Secondary School Business.

Choice of subjects in the High School (Senior Secondary School) must meet the alignment requirement of subjects offering from the compulsory subjects which include

  • English Language
  • General Mathematics
  • One trade and entrepreneurial studies
  • Computer Studies/ICT
  • Civic Education

1.    Biology    
2.    Chemistry    
3.    Physics    
4.    Further Mathematics    
5.    PHE    
6.    Health Educational    
7.     Agric Science
1.    Nigerian Language    
2.    Geography    
3.    Lit in English    
4.    Government    
5.    CRS    
6.    Visual Arts    
7.    French    
8.    Economics
1.    Accounting       
2.    Office Practice    
3.    Insurance    
4.    Commerce
Each student is expected to pick one subject from another dept to expand other knowledge making a total of nine subjects preparatory to national exams – NECO, WAEC. THE JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL
To draw the attention of our youths to certain philosophical trends that shaped the developed world and has given them the edge they have over lesser nations, the school policy emphasizes a curriculum/instructional method that will encourage transfer of knowledge and creativity. It opposes the rotation or readying of knowledge gained in class in exam situation.
To achieve this number of subjects are selected for the JSS section of the school. These include

  • English Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Basic Science
  • Basic Technology
  • Social Studies
  • Civic Education
  • Culture and Creative Arts
  • Physical and Health Education
  • French Studies
  • CRS
  • Computer Studies
  • Business Studies – as elective subject.

N/B. For children to benefit from the SPC standards of the school, they are advised to attend primary schools that pursue the BEC curriculum. The only new subjects at this level from those of the primary school are Basic Science which is separated for Basic Technology and Business studies which is introduced at this level.
At SPC JSS 1’s – 3 year programme, every student is expected to offer a maximum of 11 subjects. By this we hope to expose and stimulate the students enough for the secondary school curriculum.
At the end of 3 years student shall take exams conducted by the Benue State Examinations Board and the National Examinations council NECO for the award of Basic Education Certificate (BEC) while those in the senior secondary are also prepared for WAEC and NECO examinations.


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